Integration service

Annette Lite is an integration service with minimal set of features that allows you to connect different business applications without administering rights

Annette Lite implementation

We’ll design and implement a business application based on integration service Annette Lite according to your requirements

Flexible solution for any IT service

Flexibility of Annette Lite allows quick integration of different business applications in unified modern interface


For our service we use top technologies that help you to open full potential of your hardware. Such IT leaders as LinkedIn, Ebay, Amazon use the same technologies

Big data processing with Apache Spark

Annette Lite with integrated Apache Spark helps you to process large-scale data

Data gathering with Apache Kafka

With Apache Kafka Annette Lite is a reliable and fast message processor for data streams from your hardware and external IT systems


You can set up Annette Lite using your system (SAP ERP, 1C, etc.)

Authentication & authorization

Authentication and authorization is up to your information system (SAP ERP, 1C)

On premise

Integration service is installed on your servers only. It does not work in the cloud


  • Integration of business logic with different information systems

  • Manage processes requiring fast reaction

  • Process large-scale data

  • Unified UX for different information systems

Real cases

Warehouse processes and equipment management
Quality management
Production and technology processes management
Document input and posting with your company rules validation

Annette vs Annette Lite comparision

Integration with mobile terminals for SAP WMS

Faster operations with SAP WMS
High speed and low response time (500 – 3000 msec) for warehouse operations
More perfomance and efficiency compared to standard SAP solution
Lower storekeepers time when working with SAP WMS
Our solution helps to avoid manual creation of transport orders, assigning storage locations and other warehouse operations
Effective using of wireless data terminals while working with SAP WMS

Using mobile terminals at Belwest