Annette platform

Our Annette integration platform designed to develop business applications and to easy integrate them with different information systems

Annette based development

We design and implement a business application based on integration service Annette Platform according to your requirements

Flexible solution for any IT service

Flexibility of Annette Platform allows quick integration of different business applications in unified modern interface

On Premise or In-Cloud

Annette platform can be installed on your servers (on premise edition) or you can use cloud edition with top quality reliability and support

Big data processing with Apache Spark

Annette platform uses Apache Spark for large-scale data processing

Data gathering with Apache Kafka

Annette platform is a reliable and fast message processor for data streams from your hardware and external IT systems


For Annette platform we use top technologies that fully utilize equipment capabilities. Such technologies are used by industries leaders: LinkedIn, Ebay, Amazon and others


To improve reliability several servers can be combined into a cluster. If one server fails the others can process additional requests


Adding servers into cluster allows scaling the system. Annette platform allows to balance load between servers


  • Integration of business logic with information systems

  • To control processes requiring fast response

  • Large scale data processing

  • Unified UX for different information systems

Use cases

Warehouse process and equipment management
Quality management
E-sales and buyer’s personal area
Technology and production process management
Supplier personal area and Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI
Faster comercial and administrative cost allocation & distribution outside SAP ERP; uploading and post calculation results
Faster COGS calculation in different valuations before period closing (outside SAP ERP); uploading and post calculation results
Input and post FI and LO documents with flexible prevalidation

Integration with information systems

Retrieving data from information system

Data vizualization in modern and responsive UI

Data processing according to business logic

Uploading processed data into information system

New data vizualization

Connectors to information systems

SAP ERP Connector

  • Connect to SAP ERP to get data and post documents
  • We developed special FMs to get SAP ERP <-> Annette data exchange faster
  • We use standart SAP FM to post documents
  • It’s possible to prepare data by few users outside SAP and post in SAP by one licensed user so to reduce SAP licences numbers without violation SAP license agreement


  • WebService integration with information systems, e.g. SAP HANA
  • We have specially developed XS applications for SAP HANA database access

Direct access to the information system data

  • Direct database access provides maximum perfomance

Apache Kafka

  • Annette platform can serve as a source as well as a subscriber for other information systems

User interface

Web application

Any device

It works on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with HTML5 browser


You need online internet connection with some possible offline operations

Mobile application

Android / iOS

Android and iOS tablet and smartphone support

Online & offline

You can work offline and online

Data processing & business logic

Internal processing


High performance in processing low and medium scaled data

Flexible business logic

Flexible business loginc implementation according to your requirements

In-memory processing

In-memory technology for fast data processing


Parallel processing on several computers

External data processing with Apache Spark


High performance in large scale data processing (big data)


Flexible clasterization for parallel data processing on several computers

Faster than Hadoop

Run programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on disk

Ease of Use

It’s easy to set up Apache Spark for different tasks

Organizational structure

  • Tenant

  • Application

  • User


Tenant is an element of organizational structure for data access separation
When one assigned to one tenant he has access of that tenant data only. Access to other tenants data is impossible
Tenant is like a client in SAP
In a cloud landscape each tenant is a different client in a cloud
In On-premise landscape tenant can be used to separate test and production systems
User chooses tenant when log into the system or on top panel after loging in


Application is a set of Annette features grouped by some attributes
To get access to some features Customer subscribes for application and application is assigned to tenant.
User chooses application when log into the system or on top panel after loging in


User is the unique named account required for access to Annette features
User is assigned to tenant and application in tenant. User can be assigned to one ore more tenants
User can log in to tenants he assigned to and can run applications he assigned to
User is identified by email or phone number
User accounts and passwords are stored in a system database. All passwords in the database are encrypted.
It’s possible to log into the system with other IDs: Active Directory, SAP Login, etc. and Single sign-on (SSO)


Multilingual interface

Our system supports multilingual user interface and system messages

Multilingual user data

Annette supports multilingual data entry

Language selection

You can choose a language when log into system

Language selection restrictions

Use can choose only languages assisgned to tenant or application


Annette platform built with modern high-performance and scalabale components

Play Framework

High-performance asynchronous web server


Modern asynchronous database query and access library

Apache Spark

Fast and general cluster-computing framework for big data processing



Toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven application


High-performance database

Apache Kafka

Stream processing platform


Cluster architecture

Annette Platform is easily scaled by adding servers to the cluster

Load balancer

Load balancer is responsible for load balancing in a cluster

Spark & Kafka

Apache Spark & Apache Kafka are easily scalable distributed systems


Annette platform has been developed since 2007 under ArtIST name
Since 2007 the platform runs in many companies such as Mareven Food Central, Ostankinsky Meat-Processing Plant, Belwest
In 2015 the third version of the platform was rebuilt using new technologies and released under new name Annette

Implementation at Belwest